Wash Bay Waste Water Treatment Specialists

Eco Technical Services Limited specialise in modular wash bay services, waste water treatment and wash water recycling systems. 

We are the inventors and sole suppliers of the Mobay Mobile Wash Bay to Industry, hire companies, garages, large fleet operators and independent carwash operators.

Vehicle Wash Bay and Canopy

Our (MoBay)wash bay meets all the latest environmental requirements as they are completely self-contained in terms of drainage and waste water disposal. The wash bays can be designed to form closed loop wash systems.  Modular construction and with adjustable feet they allow the washbay systems to be set up quickly and easily at almost any site.

In order to achieve stringent  targets for wash bay waste water discharges maximising recovery of water and the separation of oil and greases, Eco Technical Services Limited also acts as the Sole UK Agent for Freylit Wash Water Recycling Equipment and Oil separators along with offering unique wash bays systems to remove emulsified oil and glycol from waste wash water.  

Existing wash bay facilities can be adapted or we can offer new wash bay equipment for permanent or concrete wash bays or modular steel systems.  All waste wash water can be environmentally treated to save you disposal costs if required.