Oil Separators

According to European Standard EN 858

Effluent oil content after the oil separator <5 ppm
flow rates: from 2 l/sec up to 600 l/sec

Applications: workshops, service stations, car park, garages, roads etc

Freylit's Mineral Oil and Residual Oil Water Seperators are used by most of the major oil companies around the World and a wide variety of other companies. The technology is highly efficient, using gravity flow and parallel plates of corrugated polypropylene to achieve an effluent discharge of below 5ppm of hydrocarbons, for capacities of between 10 and 4,000 gallons per minute. 

Our Oil Water Separators allow you to meet the most stringent European Environmental legislation and save;

  • Money, but achieve installation quickly and easily at a tenth of the time taken for installing GRP systems
  • The cost of 10-15 tonnes of concrete (5000 litre tank)as tank is structural
  • Maintenance costs as no disposables are used in the units
  • Cost on smaller excavation hole and spoil disposal costs
  • Costs on excavating a smaller hole as tank is structural 
  • Labour costs; Skill levels for successful installation are much lower as system does not require the technical expertise as with installing GRP systems

Eco Technical Services Limited is the UK  Distributer for Freylit Oil/Water Separators and Water Recycling Systems.  Eco Technical Services use Freylit systems on the MoBay Mobile Vehicle Wash Platforms to create full retention closed loop water wash systems.

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