Our canopies which are engineered with stretched tarpaulin roof structures are a unique solution for your business to protect and enhance outdoor sales areas, car park, car wash or valeting areas. The design creates an attractive canopy which is strong and weather proof and offers 99% UVA and UVB sun screen protection. 

Valet bay canopies can be supplied in various sizes and can be joined to form larger structures if required. Installation is extremely easy, either as a free standing structure or attached to our Mobay wash bay. 

The steel frame work is galvanised by hot dipping which can then also be plastic coated to any standard ral colour if required. 




Benefits Of Our Canopy System 

  • Modular canopy system means you can decide at a later stage whether to add additional canopies
  • Relocation of the canopy is easy if you want to relocate to new premises
  • Banners can be fitted to the canopy sides to maximise advertising space
  • Cantilever structure with two supporting legs available on request 
  • The Canopy systems are British built and designed 
  • Supplied within 2-3 weeks from order confirmation